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UK Casino Sites Go Under the Microscope

British research company, Talisma, has released an audit concluding the standards offered by most UK casino gambling websites. According to their report, customer service has increased dramatically across the board, yet failed to successfully integrate the various channels of communication.
In a study that reviewed 100 UK casino gambling sites, it was found that customer service levels have been significantly improved in the areas of accuracy of published information, responsiveness, and interactive new channels. According to the study, an unbeatable 100% of all emails and chats, and 98% of all phone calls were able to provide comprehensive and accurate information.

Levels of responsiveness for the UK casino sites also featured considerable increase, with email response rising from 60% to 74% between 2006 and 2007, as well as a 6% increase in the amount of phone calls answered within a ten second time frame.
Many new interactive communication channels have been added to UK casino sites, the most popular of which being online chat features. With chat available at 42% of all UK casino sites, this accounts for a 12% increase since last year only.

The main area in which UK casino sites are lacking, according to Talisma’s audit, is the integration of communication channels offered at each site. Tracking previous customer emails seemed to be a problem for over 80% of chat agents, and only 8% of the answered phone calls had been personalized.

The Talisma Vice President of International Operations, Jon McNerney, says that “while it is encouraging that the UK online gambling sector has significantly improved customer service in 2007 there is still huge scope for improvement.

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