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London Tube Says no to Online Casino Campaign

Online gambling service provider Paddy Power had its bingo advertisement plans cancelled once again. The online gambling firm was hoping to place an ad on the London Underground Tube Network, but was answered negatively. This is not the first time that Paddy Power is getting a negative answer when trying to promote its online gambling products. The ASA has previously banned two campaigns by the bookmaker. Although Britain passed its new gambling law in 2005, advertising isn’t that easy. Only certain gambling jurisdictions have been given listed as approved by the administration and only firms that enjoy their licenses are able to promote their gambling business.

The online casino firm was hoping to promote their bingo site and make it more appealing for women. The female part of the gambling audience is known to be more receptive for bingo games, and Paddy Power intended to attract more women to online gambling. The advertisement had a caption saying “Where have all the women gone” to hit that all women players are spending their online time at the firm’s online casino bingo site. Officials said that the advertisements were too “cutting edge” and therefore disapproved. The second add featured junk food and snacks as dinner to show, again, that the women are gone. Such ads do not really seem that out of the ordinary, aside the fact that they are promoting virtual gambling.

The online casino firm has announced that it will not back down from its previous decision to advertise its bingo site and that new version of the campaign will be available soon. Hopefully, Paddy Power will manage to offer a promotion idea that will be impossible to reject and ads will be placed in the proper places. The online casino industry around the world needs to promote its products outside of the internet as well.

OCA News Editor