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New Online Casino to Sell Chinese Lottery Tickets

Pacific Net has launched a new online casino site that deals with selling and promoting welfare lottery products for the Chinese market. As time goes by, and the American market remains close, we see additional companies that focus on foreign markets. The Chinese market has the potential of becoming the largest online market in the world and everyone is interested. The site is operated by the company’s subsidiary Guangdong Poly and is labeled Lot888. The site’s platform is ready to deal with different payment methods from different countries and it seems that everyone is planned to the very last detail.

Players of the new online casino lotto site could choose China UnionPay to pay for their gambling. China UnionPay is the only countrywide payment solution in China and has more than 1.3 billion cards in circulation. The system works as follows: you can by a lottery ticket and Guangdong Poly collects 7 percent of the sale. A small price to pay for the convenience of ordering lottery tickets form online casinos and not having to leave the house. “The launch of this website is a step forward in Pacific Net’s plan to participate in China’s rapidly growing state-sponsored legalized gaming and electronic lottery operations,” said Tony Tong, the company’s CEO.

There are currently no casino games available on the site, but it is still a wise move for an virtual gambling firm. Allowing Chinese to buy their lottery ticket online will make Pacific Net a very familiar brand name in China. When the Chinese authorities become less hostile towards online gambling and online casinos, the company will surely offer new services and promote casino games as well. When billions of people know your name it’s easier to become number one. And number one is apparently what Pacific Net strives for.

OCA News Editor