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Global Gaming Expo Brings New Slot Themes

People attending the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas were hoping to learn more about the new development in the gambling world. While they certainly did what they came there to do, they were also lucky enough to meet Tony Soprano.

While they certainly did what they came there to do, they were also lucky enough to meet Tony Soprano.

James Gandolfini, who plays the mob boss in the HBO hit show The Sopranos, participated in the event and came to support the grand unveiling of a new slot-themed machine. Just like with online casino machines, land-based operations offer slot machines with different themes. G2E has showcased its new generation of slot themes at the convention.

Slot themes range from Movies like Star Wars to TV Shows like The Sopranos. As always, the online casino industry has a close relationship with the entertainment industry. All slot machines come with the music and sounds that are familiarized with the show or film that it is based upon. Playing slots at online casino sites or at land-based casinos is higher entertaining. However, it’s much more fun to gamble while enjoying the characters and scenarios from your TV Show, isn’t it? If you missed the event and did not get a chance to see Tony Soprano is flesh, you’d still have the chance to meet his themed-like presence at the casinos.

While the entertainment industry enjoyed many new slot themed machines, there was another machine that stole all the focus. The machine comes with a very special theme, but an ironic one. People visiting land-based casinos would be surprised to see an eBay-themed machine ready for them. It’s funny that an online payment service that took its system out of the American market following the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is now featured on a gambling product. All in all, the brand is highly familiar and it will surely attract curious players.

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