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UK Online Gambling Survey Results Publish

A recent published study by the National Center for Social Research in the United Kingdom indicates that British gamblers are moving more and more towards virtual online gambling. The study was conducted on behalf of the Gambling Commission and was suppose to map gambling activities in Britain. The study’s findings show that some 8 percent of all gambling activities in the country are done via the internet and that the figure keeps growing over time. The data shows an amazing increase during the passing 8 years; a similar study conducted in 1999 showed no gambling activity using the net at that time.

Gambling groups’ profits have also risen by many folds. Ladbrokes, one of the most popular gambling groups in the United Kingdom, has handled an estimated GBP 670 million during the first half of 2007 via its online gaming department alone. Another internet gambling firm in the UK, Betfair, also reports amazing figures and phenomenal levels of business activity since the launch of its online department in 2001. The study also sheds some light on the reasons for the sudden and drastic change in the gambling habits of the British people. One of the main reasons for the migration to the internet is the fact that online gambling offers a better value than can be gained by using land-based gambling operations.

Additional reasons involve better online security methods and the simple fact that online casino sites offer an unprecedented ease of use; one can place bets and play poker from the comfort of his home or office in a matter of minutes. One of the most interesting findings has to do with the amount of people that consider themselves as problem gamblers. The number hasn’t changed since 1999 and stands on 0.6 percent of the people.

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