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Online Casino Market in France under Debate

The French online casino world is not the most appealing market in the European Union, as far as the global gambling community is concerned. The French law is not inviting and the French government is endorsing local monopolies that control the local online casino gambling market. However, there are winds of change blowing through the French kingdom as talks commence in Brussels with a more liberal approach to online gambling as the desired end result. French representatives are meeting with delegates from the European Union to discuss the French approach towards online gambling.

The European Union believes that the French online casino monopolies are not helping the formation of a unified economy in Europe and that the French government needs to change the way online gambling firms are being handled. According to eGaming Review, the French have come up with a list of demands. The demands are aimed at involving only online sports betting in the agreement and keeping casino games under the current monopolistic order. Additionally, the French will demand that all online gambling firms that wish to operate in the country built their offices in French. Some people believe that such demands clearly show the France has no intention of allowing competition in the market of online gambling and that the talks are nothing more than a show.

The European Union and other European countries are not the only ones interested in the liberalization of the online casino market in France. Land based gambling operators inside of France are also lobbying for ability to offer online casino gambling to the French people. Under such pressure, the French government will have to reconsider its stand on the matter. It seems biased and hypocritical to allow online gambling while banning competition in the market.

OCA News Editor