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Chinese Authorities Take Down Online Casino Ring

China is known for its lack of sympathy to online gambling or other online activities that allow people to express their freewill, in a matter of speaking. Chinese authorities have demonstrated once again their stand towards online casinos by arresting 32 people in the northeast China’s Liaoning province. The 32 arrested are charged with involvement in illegal online gambling and their future isn’t looking good. The operation is estimated in generating about US$ 773 million or some 5.8 billion Yuan.

As the Chinese authorities report, there are an additional 50 people on the run who are also linked with the alleged online gambling operation. The head of the criminal gang, Yang Xu, is reported to be operating illegal online casino rings since November 2005 with his wife Wang Jun. The police said that the gang expended and now includes more than 100 people with the oldest being 61 years of age, and the youngest member with no more than 24 years. The operation is regarded as illegal activity as gambling in general is forbidden in China. Authorities are taking a strong hand against online operations as part of a larger campaign against gambling and against online promiscuity.

China believes that online gambling is destroying the young population in the country; however China also believes that search engines like Google and Yahoo! should be censored. Under the proper licensing program with regulation and even taxation, online casino gambling can become a wonderful form of home entertainment and a great way to express the freedom of will and the liberalization of the administration. China does not seem to be encouraging such notions and their approach to online gambling isn’t surprising. On the other hand, the United States is promotion the ideas of western liberalism and still bans the online casino community.

OCA News Editor