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UK Student Wins Big at an Online Casino

Using online casino forums can be entertaining and also educating. However, the members of a popular online gambling forum did not expect to “witness” a progressive jackpot win while chatting with their friends online. During a normal chat session on at the forum, one of the players expressed his amazement and excitement regarding his very recent win at the online casino. Gavin, the lucky player, had won a bonanza worth $177,248 when playing at an online casino. He was also chatting on the forum while playing and he felt like sharing his story with all other player on the forum.

Gavin could not believe that the Queen and Jack he was holding were joined by an Ace, a King and a 10 making him the proud owner of the progressive jackpot. The lucky winner is a United Kingdom university graduate who’s about to spend his new winnings on traveling. Gavin took Environmental Science as his main subject and plans to use the money for traveling before taking up a Masters degree in Climate Change. “It will also fund my further study,” he said. Just think about not having to worry about money while at school. Who said that gambling is bad for you? I don’t think a Masters degree is bad for anyone.

There’s only one thing that bothers the new winner – the payment process. Apparently, the online casino informed him that he will receive an immediate $20,000 and that the rest will be paid to him on a monthly basis, as in $10,000 a month, without interest. Usually, the online casino software provider pays out the winners of a progressive challenge, and further clarification will be needed. All in all, it doesn’t really matter how he will be paid as long as he gets the money that he deserves, and with a noble cause such as funding additional education, he surely deserves that cash.

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