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Swedish Online Casino Does Good

The Swedish online casino Betsson has released its financial figures for the second quarter of 2007. The public company behind the online gambling operation is showing a 147 percent increase in net sales with operation profit going up to $6.82 million. The European online casino market is picking up and the numbers are speaking for themselves. Increased revenue comes as a result of direct changes made by the gambling firm. Funds were spent on better offers for existing clients instead of on recruiting campaigns.

When you have frequent players that are already listed you can increase the number of times each of them uses the platform, if you offer better odds and promotions. Attracting new players is harder. While online casinos are constantly trying to increase their client base, offering better offers for existing players is highly important. You have to keep players constantly interested or else they will find another online casino to spend their money at. Looking at the report, another interesting piece of information catches the eye. Revenues from the Turkish market have declined significantly.

It seems that legislation in Turkey have complicated things for the online casino by causing the gamin volume from Turkey to drop. All in all, the online casino firm has pulled it off and the overall report is very favorable. Online casino firms that did not cater for the United States market and did not base their financial operation on cash flow from American players, seems to be doing fine in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act era. Betsson announced that revenues will be used to increase the site’s gaming portfolio and to offer new products and gambling attractions for new and existing players alike. The firm is also looking at opportunities of expending their business to new regions.

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