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British Government Allows Certain Firms to Advertise

Online gambling has a big question mark surrounding it in many countries. In fact, it’s not gambling alone that is under questioning, but everything that surrounds it as well. More and more governments are starting to realize the great potential that the online casino industry holds and different ideas on regulation are circling around. The main issue these days is advertisements for online gambling firms – is it legal? Can firms advertise their online gambling offers if online gambling is in fact legal in the country? These kinds of questions are being debuts all over the world, with Britain leading the debate.

The British government has announced a “white list” consisting of firms that can advertise their online casino business legally. According to the new statement, online casino firms that operate under an Isle of Man licence or Alderney one – are ok. However, the rest are currently unable to advertise their online business. The licensing program allows the British government to tell which online casino operators comply with the rules of regulation and meet all quality checks. Only firms that meet the Isle of Man’s stardanrds are able to operate under their license, and the United Kingdom knows for sure that such an operator is offering responsible gambling.

“I make no apology for banning adverts from websites operating from places that don’t meet our strict standards,” said the United Kingdom Culture Minister. Regulation is a good solution for governments that need a way to enforce certain standards of behavior. Online casino firms that would like to meet the competition and advertise their business to the public will have to change their ways and meet the guidelines that the British government is looking for. Players will also benefit from this move. Only responsible gambling firms will be able to advertise their online casinos and players will be able to tell which site they should visit and which they should not.

OCA News Editor

Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.