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China Signs Deal with World Poker Tour

The Asian gambling market is growing and developing. There are so many internet users in Asia, especially in China, and everyone wants in. Now reports are indicating that the World Poker Tour has signed a sponsorship deal with the Chinese authorities. The deal is reported to be valued at around $3 million and will bring a Chinese ‘national traktor tour’. This deal means another major gambling icon will reach the Chinese public making gambling even more apparent in Asia. It’s all about being seen and if people see gambling they will want to practice gambling.

With the American market still under question, online gambling firms are constantly looking to expand their business to foreign markets. The Asian market has the highest potential of becoming the largest online casino market in the world and hopefully we will see that happen in the future. World Poker Tour will bring Chinese people games that they already know and love and try to make their gambling experience feel more like home. Traktor is a popular Chinese card game (that resembles bridge in a way) and World Poker Tour will hold Traktor tournaments in China. In return the company will get first right of negotiation on any deal that involves Poker in China. The company will also get the right to match any counteroffer.

This means that when the Chinese market becomes aware of Poker and the game picks up over there, World Poker Tour could become the first Poker provides in the country. It’s not a bad deal. Both the gambling firm and the Chinese gambling fans are benefiting from the whole deal. First, China will get a tournament of a game it likes and second when poker becomes popular, the firm will be able to generate nice profits and bring China a poker experience which they’ll like.

OCA News Editor

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