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Online Casino Gambling Reaches Burma

Europe, apparently, is not the only continent being swept away by the online casino industry. While the future of American online gambling clouded by legal uncertainty, other parts of the world are opening for virtual gambling. Asia is also in the center of attention, and even Burma is among those to welcome the industry. Even though the official government of Burma isn’t too happy with online gambling in the country, Burma’s elite have transformed online gambling into a multibillion kyat (the local currency) business.

The growing number of Burmese betters has made running a bookmaker operation worthwhile despite the possible penalties. There are so many gambling fans that want to place wagers, that a comparatively small fine is something that people can live with. The way people gamble in Burma is a bit different, as cash-only operations are the popular method of doing things. Every part of the world takes online gambling and converts it to the local way of doing things. The most popular forms of gambling is sports wagering and the Burmese public loves enjoying football and wagering over it simultaneity.

Currently, online gambling is a passion for those with money. One of the online casino sports operators told the country’s newspaper that 20 regular customers place bets for almost $63,000. That’s not bad at all. It’s funny to see that the minimum ante stands on $90, a much higher ante than the one in other parts of the world. European virtual casinos, for example, take bets in the sum of 1 Euro and less. As online gambling spreads to other parts of Burma and more people discover the world of online casino gambling, we would see an even stronger increase in global online casino numbers. An additional change to the Burmese market would be a sharp drop in prices as more people participate.

OCA News Editor