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E.U Does Not Like Anti Online Casino Legislation

The European Commission has plenty to say when it comes to online gambling and virtual casinos. Following the legal conundrum that takes place in the United States regarding legislation, legitimacy and regulation of the industry we would expect to hear similar voices from Europe. However, the European Commission is going to censure France, Greece and Sweden (according to new reports) for their restrictions against online betting and internet casinos. From the moment the online casino industry became a live global enterprise, countries are constantly fighting over trading rules and their enforcement.

Currently, the United States is in the middle of a similar situation with the World Trade Organization. Antigua and Barbuda filled a suit against the U.S. saying that international trade agreements are being trampled by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and similar acts. In the European front, France and Sweden already got their final warnings from the Commission and now comes the time to take action. The radical option for the E.U is to promote legislation that would force all countries in the Union. However, this is highly unlikely to happen. Another way, and the one that would most probably take place, is the way of sanction.

The E.U plans to treat its members in the same manner it treats the United States. Rules against internet gambling mean that out-of-the-country competition is forbidden. Although, legislation is aimed at stopping local citizens from gambling, it actually stops them from gambling using foreign online casinos. As long as gambling it self is allowed in the country, international firms should be able to offers their products. That’s the general line of the agreements and the E.U is going to see that things are back in order. Hopefully, this will mean that anti online casino acts will be reconsidered in many countries.

OCA News Editor