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Popular European Poker Magazine Hits UK

Bluff Europe, the most popular of European poker magazines, is now available in the United Kingdom. The magazine, which covers both the online gambling world as well as land-based operations, now has a circulation of about 34,000 throughout the continent. As online gambling slowly becomes a global phenomenon other markets are also increasing their once domestic focus. Bluff Europe is also launching a new German version of the magazine for the German public as well – another indication for the ‘worldly’ condition the industry is developing into.

Online casino gambling is not really about sitting in front of the computer and pressing virtual buttons. Gambling through the web is more about the experience of sharing and belonging. That’s how people feel when they play with people from all over the world. This is how a sub culture evolves. Online casino players want to know more about the industry, about what is going on in other countries and about new offers and attractions. The world of online casino gambling – in its global form- is so dynamic, that it’s almost impossible to stay on top of things. A poker magazine that centralizes everything for you and brings only the most relevant information is a great virtue for any gambling fan.

Instead of searching the web and spending valuable time in an attempt to learn more about the constantly changing poker world, one can open a magazine an find everything he needs to know for his future entertainment. The June issue of Bluff Europe deals with the success of the World Series of Poker that takes place in Las Vegas, it reports from the Scandinavian Poker Championship, the Grosvenor Poker Tour in Manchester and even address an event in Hollywood. This is the face of the global online casino industry and this is the kind of information that would keep a poker player on top of everything.

OCA News Editor