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The Online Casino Industry Has Yet To Fulfill its Real Potential

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has changed the face of the global online gambling industry – and with it the face of the gambling community has changed. Big companies that once offered gambling services for Americans only are now working across the world and cater for all sorts of foreign markets. The industry is now a true global enterprise. Although many American players find the situation not to their likings, the industry has also learned a valuable lesson that would surely make it better as a whole. The internet is a global platform. It’s not something that boundaries can define and freedom is the platform’s most valuable asset.

How does that matter to the world of online casino gambling? Well, in many ways. Gambling is about interaction. It’s true that there are many players that rather play on their own in front of virtual slots games or an online dealer, but if you look back, you would see that gambling started where people got together. Gambling is a social way to interact with other people and the internet is a social platform to interact with people. When the two combine the possibilities are almost endless. Firms should not think about the world as a collection of markets, but rather see the big picture and realize that there is only one online gambling market – the global one.

A few firms are starting to shift in this direction and we already saw an online casino poker tournament that aims for the Nordic states, but that is not enough. The Nordic states are not the only collection of states available. There is no reason why an international online casino tournament shouldn’t take place. The best poker players of each country could face each other in a global tournament. One market one audience – this should be the real slogan of the online gambling industry.

OCA News Editor