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Scandinavian Poker Tournaments Turns into Danish Face Off

Internet gambling is a global phenomena online casinos are usually offering their gaming portfolios for international players. The entire world is playing online, and players from all over the world are winning large jackpots. The American internet gambling industry was known for its large jackpots and high paying offers. However, with the industry migrating to Europe and other foreign markets – the jackpots have migrated as well. Paradise Poker’s Slaget om norden III (“The Battle of the Nordic Countries”) has ended recently with a very happy winner, a Danish player who won close to $150,000. High jackpots are available worldwide!

‘The Battle of the Nordic Countries’ is the third edition of the famous poker tournament. The event is aimed at Scandinavian players who want to compete for a SEK 1 million ($147,000) prize, and apparently there are many players of that sort. The final match has turned into a Danish head-to-head dual with Jacob Pedersen from Denmark faced Thomas Pedersen also from Denmark. The funniest part was that the two were not even related! The Danish players faced off under the hot sun of Paradise Island in the Bahamas, just like true poker kings. When the drama was over, Jacob Pederson’s had the upper hand (literally) and he became the winner of the mega poker jackpot.

Although Paradise Poker’s tournament is open for players from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland alone, three are many other tournaments available for poker fans around the world. Poker is the most popular game at the online casino sites, and you can find a poker tournament playing near you with little to no trouble at all. If you haven’t experienced an online casino poker tournament before – now is the time! Most brands have already translated their gambling sites to foreign languages, and if you’re not an English native speaker, you can now find a poker tournament that speaks your language.

OCA News Editor