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Online Casino Companies Sold Around the World

The latest news of a purchase of one online casino company by another, this time involving an online casino software company, keep coming in with every week that passes. What has changed over past several months, perhaps as much as a year, is that the purchases are international, between online casino companies in different countries, and typically with similar motivation, to stretch and serve new markets internationally, in different countries and continents.

This time a Canadian online casino software provider signed a three year deal that will tie it with a Dutch online casino company in the Netherlands, serving it with its software. The case in which an online casino site is launched and will serve a certain country, and yet adopt elements provided by companies located outside that country, show how international the online casino industry is, even when the motivation is to keep the entire operation within certain geographical and political borders.

The online casino software was further motivated to seek such international markets and operations ever since the United States, formerly the largest market for online casino gambling, closed its doors to any such activities. Entirely on the opposite polar from the USA is Holland, where a government controlled online casino market is the standard. For online casino software companies it is a much more comfortable situation to enter, as no unexpected behavior from the government is likely to come in the near future. “We have an excellent template,” said Chief Executive Officer of the online casino software provider, “for other governments interested in realizing the benefits of safe, secure and regulated Internet gaming.” Such opportunities are indeed a blessing for the online casino industry, keeping companies in business and players in games, as is made possible in this globalized, internationalized world we live in.

OCA News Editor