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Cold Weather in North America Benefits Online Casino World

There’s nothing like spending a cold winter night in front of a warm fireplace in one’s living room. When temperatures drop, the best thing is to stay inside and find something to keep you warm and busy. Cold weather appears to have huge impact on online casino business, and as more people stay inside, the more they play at online casino sites. The love for gambling doesn’t chill down when rain starts pouring, and people turn to their favorite home entertainment activity, when leaving the house is not an option. An interesting statistical study of the impact of cold weather on the online casino world is something that we would all like to see.

Online casino firms are reporting a sharp rise in action during the cold days of last week, and gambling operators in warmer parts of the world were pretty envious of the ones operating in the below freezing north America. At one of the online casino sites, the number of players jumped from the average 8,000 a day to a record number of 12,000, a 50% rise in online casino action! It looks like the best time to play at online gambling sites is during a blizzard storm. After all, online gambling is all about the community aspect of gambling, and with so many players gambling together at the online gambling rooms, the experience is much more entertaining.

It is funny to see the impact of stormy weather on the online casino industry. As with land-based casinos, bad weather means slow business, but for the online community, when times are hard outside, people are having fun indoors! However, bad weather is not all fun for online casino sites, and when things turn to the worse and the weather affects the power supply or the internet connection, online play might be damaged. Either way, as long as people are able to play, they will. In any case you can’t find a warm fireplace to cuddle around during these cold days; an online casino might give you just the warming action you need!

OCA News Editor

Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.