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UK Online Casino Firm Storms on Asian and Russian Markets

The big migration process that is sweeping the entire online casino industry is growing as an established United Kingdom betting group launches a new online casino that targets the Chinese and Russian markets. The new site is firstly aimed at attracting foreign players and to offer online casino gambling in non-English markets. With online gambling legislation introduced in the United States, most online gambling operators are looking for other markets to invest in.

The online casino site will focus on offering poker attractions for the Chinese and Russian markets. The site enables players from the Far East to make instant cash transfers using WebMoney, one of the most popular global transfer services. The service is very popular in China, and works with the local currency. Choosing WebMoney means that the new online casino poker site is ready for use, and will make its debut much easier.

”By launching a local language site we’re giving existing players more value, while also encouraging new players from Chinese-speaking markets across Asia,” said one of the leading figures over at the online casino company. By offering players a site that supports there native tongue, the online casino firm is strengthening their relationship with foreign players and expanding the possibility of gaining the confidence of newer ones. The online casino firm chose the Russian market after the formation of the Poker Players Association in Ukraine. Gambling is growing in foreign markets, and online gambling firms that go in that direction can increase their revenue considerably.

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