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Gauging True Online Casino Popularity Worldwide

Where in the world is online casino gambling the most popular? That depends on who you ask. The number of people who gamble at online casinos is a far cry from the total number of those who play regular games at regular casino locations. Even so, the small percentage of people who do play online casino games are responsible for the many millions of dollars that the gambling industry based around the internet makes. It used to be that the appearance of online casino popularity in the United States outshone all other comers.

Recent events have demonstrated that online casino gambling’s popularity in America, however genuine, did not translate into activism of the sort that might have led to the demise of the anti-online gambling legislation the president recently signed into law. Looking at the United Kingdom, the passage of a law which paves the way for the regulation and licensing of online casinos in Great Britain and Northern Ireland seems to indicate that grass-roots popularity of online casino gambling is higher there than it ever was in the United States.

Not even yet taken into account has been the popularity of online gambling in Asia, where to be quite frank with you, much of the computer software development for innovative new games is taking place. South Korea and Japan are among two countries that seem to be looking at online casinos in a more than favorable light. Whether this support will translate into tangible yen, won, or pounds will likely only be truly discovered in the long run.

OCA News Editor