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European Online Casino Industry is Being Investigated

Lately the online casino industry has been surrounded by numerous scandals and much talk. With the American online casino gamblers still in shock over the Gambling Bill that has been passed, the online gambling world is swarming with rumors. Even though the main focus was on the USA, there is some news that is connected to the European online casino industry. Just when the European online casino operators have decided that there might be some problems in store for them, due to the latest online gambling restrictions, they had encountered some good news.

Many online casino fans were excited when they found out that the European Commission has proclaimed that it is launching an investigation regarding three European Union member nations. The reason for all this commotion is to check whether these countries have been limiting the access to foreign online casino websites, as well as sports betting sites. The three countries that has been the focus of this online gambling investigation are Austria, France and Italy.

This should give some hope to the major European online casino operators. This investigation means that instead of concentrating on the online casino companies that originate from the specific country and limiting access to other licensed online casino gambling operators, all major online gambling operators will be granted equal exposure around Europe. This will definitely broaden the horizons of all the online casino fans!

OCA News Editor