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Online Casino Ban May Include Skill Games

When you think about a game of checkers, do you think about it in terms of a skill game – one that could be considered a game of chance? When lining up the red and black, or white and black, or any combination of colors you may have, on the board, do you connect this game with online casino sites? With possibly getting something else out of playing this game, other than a pleasant time playing a challenging activity? With the new online casino and Internet gambling ban passed in the US, the question that begs to be asked is this: Will skill games, such as checkers or chess, be considered online casinos gambling material? Will these classics be banned online as well?

‘Internet skill games may or may not be legal. The new law says betting includes games ‘subject to some chance,’ said Professor I. Nelson Rose, a law professor at Whittier College in California, a gambling expert. It seems there is reason to think of checkers and other skill games as games of chance. Several major companies own websites that charge users a fee to play games for cash prizes. The only games the law specifically exempts are horse racing, fantasy sports and lotteries. These games are found at many online casino sites and attract thousands of online casino fans every day, bringing them to the virtual doors of these online gambling sites.

Will memory games, or checkers, or even chess, now be considered illegal to play online by the US government? Is the interpretation of this anti-gambling bill going a bit too far? Many online casino fans are angered over the recent legislation passed by the US Congress, effecting the world of online gambling is certainly effected by these recent developments. If skill games are also added onto the list of forbidden gaming sites, the online casino industry could receive a serious blow. And the online gambling fans of America might feel it is time to take some action against the government’s recent decisions.

OCA News Editor