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Dutch Online Casino Industry is Endangered

With online casino and gambling legality issues continuously brought up throughout the world, the Netherlands considers a fresh solution. Dutch minister Piet Hein Donner has been trying to gather support for a trial basis on online casino gambling. The Dutch are famous for their love of Internet and top online casino websites are often visited by the Dutch online casino players. However, currently Lower House Parliament is about to assign to the online casino and gaming industry a two year trial period license.

You don’t need a degree in economics to realize that the main purpose of this online casino regulation is the profit of the government. Certainly there’ll be numerous advantages and benefits in store for Netherlands once the regulations on the online casino websites are imposed. For instance, merely the fact that the trail license will be restricted to a single Dutch casino will monopolize the online casino gambling. More top rated online casino websites will be gathered under the “roof” of a single casino approved by the government and the government will, in turn, receive its revenue from taxes.

However, it’s important to realize, that aside from profiting from the new law regarding the online casino industry, the Dutch government is not just thinking about the money. Since the trial basis actually regulates and limits the amount of online casino websites, available to the online casino players, the number of players is expected to decrease. This seems to be the motive in theory but practice proves that the number of online casino players will actually grow! As we all know “forbidden fruit” is bound to tempt numerous people. Hence, even though the Dutch government is planning on imposing several online casino regulations, such as age limitations and so on, the number of online casino players might increase and people might just be even more drawn to the online casino industry.

OCA News Editor