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Online Casino Strip Poker Donates to Charity

Some online casino players might think that all that online casinos care about is their own revenue and so do most of the online casino players. However, they are wrong since charity is not last on the list of priorities of the online casino industry. During the recent World Strip Poker Championship one major online casino bookmaker has promised to double the grand prize of the candidate that will donate his proceeds to the charity. Hence an enormous amount of GBP 10,000 just might go to charity thanks to this top online casino.

However, this online casino is aware of the fact that most online casino players are looking for a little something they can make. Hence, this generous winner will receive his share of prizes from the online casino. Or instance, the future winner will be granted a package worth GPB 3,000 to gamble at the online casino website’s Irish Poker Open in spring 2007. As the spokesman of this online casino explained the decision: “We don’t want to disappoint anyone who wants to play and we’ve had a lot of interest from people willing to donate their winnings to charity so we thought we’d super-size the event and encourage people to cast off their clothes for charity”.

The poker championship is a very famous event in the online casino industry. Many online casino poker lovers are happy to enter the competition ant try to win the grand prize and enjoy their favorite game at the same time. This year the event, sponsored by the top online casino websites, is going to try to break the Guinness World Record for the world largest strip poker tournament. Once again, all online casino players should be aware of this annual event and keep in mind that generous winnings are in store for the lucky winners.

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