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Online Casino Lets Players Join the Stars

Poker is one of the most popular games on the planet thanks to the online casino, and it is making yet another appeareance on the big screen with the latest movie “Aces”. This poker flick, which was definitely inspired by the online casino poker world, is set to hit theaters in several weeks, and already one online casino site is getting ready to send their best players to the Hollywood premier of this exciting movie. Sounds like fun, well you could join the excitement as well.

It seems that these days, online casino sites are constantly finding new and better ways to surprise their players. Whether it is with bigger deposit bonuses or chances to win great trips and prizes, online casinos are filled with great ways to win and play your favorite games. “Aces” has inspired one specific online casino to send their winners to an all expense paid trip to Hollywood that will include tickets to the premier, hotel stay and flight.

There are a total of five online casino players who stand a chance to win this terrific prize package, and only two winners have been picked so far, which means that you have until mid September to try for your chance to win this great trip to Hollywood. So, what are you waiting for? We all know that you love playing at the online casino, and there is no better movie to watch then three hot girls playing your favorite casino game; poker.

OCA News Editor