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Greg Hogan and Gambling

With the increase of gambling sites online, and the rapid pace at which online casino gambling is growing, both in popularity and physical presence, many people have become concerned that hundreds of thousands of lives will be ruined due to the easy access and quick results found on most gambling sites on the Internet. With so many success stories on the World Wide Web – of this person winning millions of dollars, and the other winning a new car – it may become difficult to see and understand how such a well-loved pastime could get out of hand.

For one man, Greg Hogan, an Allentown, Pennsylvania resident, it did. So out of hand, in fact, that it caused him to steal money from the family safe, lie to his beloved grandmother, and ultimately, rob a local bank. This Lehigh University sophomore, who plays cello in the university orchestra, is a private school graduate and hails from a close-knit and deeply religious family from Ohio, has a massive gambling addiction. But he wasn’t always aware of it, until he began on what became a nearly two week spree of gambling over the Internet – which forced him into US 8,000 dollars in debt. Reaching the end of his rope, he wrote a note, entered the bank, handed the note to a teller and demanded the money to help relieve him of his gambling obligation.

Greg is just one example of how gambling addiction can quickly become central in a person’s life – a person who may never have gambled before. Because of cases like these, the US continues to forbid gambling on the Internet. Though many want to change the current law, lobbyists who feel this would be a mistake, continue to rally the support of government leaders who also agree that legalizing gambling online would only lead to the destruction of many families and young adults.

OCA News Editor