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Online Casinos Mobile Gambling Best on Motorola Razr

If you love online casino gambling, and you wish you could do it anytime, anywhere, then your prayers have been answered. Slotland, one of the leading online casino sites on the Internet, is getting in on what is proving to be the future of online gambling. This online casino company states that the Motorola Razr is one of the best mobile phones for mobile casino games.

‘The large screen on the Motorola Razr makes it an obvious choice for mobile gambling,’ said Martin Smith, the online casino site’s Mobile Games Manager. ‘But it is also one of the most technically advanced mobile phones and supports Java better than most. And Java is what makes our real-money slot machines work on a phone or PDA.’ Now online casino players cannot only enjoy their favorite online casino games whenever, wherever, but they can look super cool while playing.

Despite the challenges of pioneering new technology, Slotland manages to add a new mobile online casino slot machine every six weeks or so. And because the mobile platform isn’t like the Internet, there are no standards and inconsistencies among mobile phone brands which have slowed development. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola – these are just some of the brands that develop their own solutions as they go along. That means mobile online casino entertainment providers like Slotland have to design versions of every game for every different phone brand. But that’s a small price to pay when offering online casino fans the future technology of online gambling!

OCA News Editor