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Online Casino Keno Made Easy

If you’re familiar with the lottery, you will sure to understand the basic premise of online casino Keno. Very simply, you choose 1-15 numbers out of a total of 80. Online casino Keno randomly generates 20 out of the 80 numbers. If you choose 15 out of those 20 correctly, you win the online casino jackpot. If you have less, you win in proportion to the numbers you have.

To select your 1-15 numbers, you need to mark your online casino Keno ticket. This is done by marking numbers on the two pages of the Keno ticket (divided from 1-40 and from 41-80). Each online casino has its own rules and regulations and you will need to check the minimum amount of numbers that you can bet on. Once you have selected your numbers, you can now bet at the online casino. The last thing you need to do is to select how much money you wish to wager and over how many rounds of game that money should be spread.

Online casino Keno is attractive for various reasons. Many gamblers choose it when they need a break from past-paced complex games. Playing Keno at the online casino allows gamblers to take part in a fun and exciting game at their leisure.

OCA News Editor