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The World and Online Casino Gambling

As the online casinos world prepares for the United States to celebrate their 230 birthday, Americans around the world are likely anticipating great deals to be given out in Uncle Sam’s honor. However, the United States will continue to be at odds with much, though hardly all, of the world in terms of the position taken by Washington toward the online gambling industry. Britain stands out amongst the countries of the world as being one of the most friendly to online casino interests, though even British friendliness comes with certain conditions (such as online casinos currently being able to operate, but not solicit, gambling business in the U.K.).

The world has come a long way since the birth of the internet. With the internet came instantaneous messages to friends and loved ones around the globe. The internet has helped along globalization, and has provided jobs to call centers in India and factories in South Korea. And the internet has helped online gambling to go from being an industry hounded by limited graphics to a world wide phenomenon, making billions of dollars a year and reportedly paying out some hefty sums to lucky gamblers.

And over time, it is likely that more and more of the world’s countries will come around to online casino gambling. Not because of intimidation, but because their publics may demand it. Of course, preferences can change. People still prefer land casinos to online casinos, but globalization may have brought about the change that could lead to online casino companies challenging gamblers for hearts, minds, and money.

OCA News Editor