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Online Casino Games Not Exciting

The world of online casino gambling is wide and varied, but the games have somehow, remarkably, been able for the most part to stay roughly the same from the beginning of the online gambling industry up through now. Has innovation and the online casino industry finally run its course to the point that non-traditional games are now being made into gambling games? The unoriginality of many bowling and darts online casino games should worry those who want to see the online casino industry advance strongly into the rest of this decade based on more than just the performance of stocks and IPOs.

Online casino games are, for the most part, relatively boring to play. People don’t play them because they are necessarily engaging, but because it is easier to win money playing them than by playing other computer games that have better graphics but aren’t connected to vast sums of money available for players to win. Still, it would be nice if online casinos game producers tried to be more than simply generic when it came to the games being offered at the various online casino websites around today.

One day online casino companies might start to care about stuff like this, but don’t hold your breath. Online casinos are about making money, not necessarily pleasing the senses of their customers. If a customer wins $20, they’ll probably visit the online casino again, no matter how conventional the graphics, and lose another $40-$80 in the process. That’s the way gambling online works, though. Basically, for fun and engaging games, go to real casinos.

OCA News Editor