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Globalization and Online Casino Gambling

The world seems to be getting smaller every year, and while some people might be wary of this in Europe, for online casino gamblers it means that they can play and win in any variety of ways in whatever currency they like. Dollars, pounds, or euros, it doesn’t really matter. You can play one day in the UK and win in pounds, the next day in Austria and win in Euros, and then play another day in the US and win in dollars. The online casino industry is a child of the globalization phenomenon, no two ways about it.

The success of online casinos is so tied in with globalization that it is all but impossible to imagine that online casino sites could be successful without the spread of business around the globe and along with it a more accessible marketplace for both games and money transfers. You can send money around the world in mere minutes, and this means that whether you’re in Las Vegas and need a little extra cash at a real casino, or in Chicago and need a little extra cash to gamble online, you can get it.

And of course, there is no way that online casinos would be successful without the advent of the internet. Not a single online casino would exist were it not for the internet. Online casino games are played in multiple languages because of the internet, and currencies can be won in many different countries thanks to the internet. What’s more, both globalization and the internet are as interconnected as the online casino industry and globalization, the online casino industry and the internet are to each other.

OCA News Editor

Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.