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Online Casino Has Birthday Bash

Inter Casino, a leading online casino, has just celebrated its second birthday. Although it was time for cake and presents for the online casino, World Cup fever seems to be consuming the members of this company. It seems everyone there has become obsessed with all things soccer. And it is understandable, considering most of the online casinos players around come from countries where soccer, and the World Cup, are very popular.

‘With the run up to the World Cup in Germany, there’s definitely football fever running through our veins and we wanted to share this excitement with all our players,’ Jane Bentley, online casino manager, said. Because it is a birthday bash, the online casino is offering bonuses to the top 20 players during each evening after every England game. A further match deposit of GBP 50 will be available to every online casinos UK player every month! Now that’s something to celebrate!

But that’s not all. After each World Cup game, Bentley will go head-to-head in the online casino challenging players to a game of blackjack, where online casino winners will be given an extra prize bonus of GBP 25 for each game they win. With so many activities and events going on, both as tributes to the second birthday and the World Cup at this online casino, it is no wonder why so many online casino players have already begun to line up and enjoy the festivities.

OCA News Editor