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Online Casino Blackjack Jackpot

Casino Las Vegas, one of the leading online casino sites in the world, is offering an exclusive blackjack promotion until the end of this month, which offers lucky online casino winners some massive payouts! The new incentive is just an added bonus to the already busy calendar of promotions from the online casinos site. Players lucky enough to hit three 7’s at the blackjack table will win 50 times their bet (up to a maximum of US 1,000 dollars). Now that’s a promotion!

But it gets better. Online casino players lucky enough to hit three 7’s of the same suit will win 500 times their bet – which is up to a maximum of US 10,000 dollars! That’s unreal! Online casino players should note that the promotion is only on offer through selected partners and players can only qualify by downloading from the sites listed at the online casino. Whatever the rules, this online gambling promotion is certainly one of a kind! Blackjack lovers all over the world will be running to take advantage of this promotion, and possibly win!

Online casino operators and sites always try to offer great promotions to their loyal patrons. Casino Las Vegas is proving this point in full with its newest offer. With these kinds of ‘sweepstakes’ and promotions, it is easy to understand why online casino sites are becoming such a popular pastime. So if you love to play blackjack, and think you have a shot at winning this offer, now’s the time to try! Hurry – it’s only until the end of this month!

OCA News Editor