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Online Casino Offers Firepay

Celeb Poker, a leading online casino, has always catered to the needs, especially those regarding banking, of online casinos players in Canada and the US. The online casino provided Firepay, an additional method of payment for its online poker sites. Celeb Poker understands that half of the worldl playing audience for online gambling come from North America. This is why the online gambling site is doing its best to implement easier and more convenient payment methods for its players.

Firepay, which works much like a debit card, will allow the online casino player to directly deposit money into their Firepay account from their bank account. The account allows online casino players to buy poker chips in order to start playing right away. Sign up is free of charge, as is sending funds to the online casinos and paying with the money in the Firepay account. However, a small fee will be charged to make a deposit from a bank account to their Firepay account. This will definitely draw even more online gamblers to its virtual doors.

Although at the present time, online casino gambling is illegal in the US, many Americans play regularly at online casino sites. This pastime is becoming more and more popular all around the world and online gambling is a source for entertainment for many everywhere. This trend seems like it will continue to stay, and more and more people will enjoy online casinos. And more online casinos will find ways to make it easier for these players to keep coming back.

OCA News Editor