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Online Casino Regulation Considered Weak in UK

XTN Data, a research consultancy firm, recently conducted a survey among the people of the UK with regards to the amount of effort authorities invest in regulating online casino sites. Only 20% of the people believe that the authorities are putting forth enough manpower and importance on online casinos regulation. This news comes at a time when the Gambling Act, nearly on the verge of implementation, will become part of the law in the UK next year. This act will legalize UK-based online casino sites for the first time in history.

But that’s not all the survey unearthed. Over a third of respondents were said to have thought that online casino gambling sites based in foreign countries were less reliable than if they would be based in the UK. As many as 1,000 online casino fans were questioned, with the major focus on where they played and what they thought of the online casino gaming industry. Additionally, XTN Data found that online casino sportsbooks are the worst in preventing minors’ from accessing their sites.

Many online casino fans admitted to not knowing most of the rules of the online casino games they play, and stated that the various online casino sites did a poor job of teaching them the rules and strategies. Owner of XTN Data, Greig Harper, said, ‘As online gambling becomes more mainstream gaming operators need to do everything they can to attract new users including teaching them basic strategies for games.’ This is definitely something online casino sites should take into consideration regarding their new and loyal members.

OCA News Editor