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No Heyday Yet for Online Casinos

Online casino gambling…is it in its heyday? A lot of people would like to jump the gun and say yes, but the online casino industry is so young compared to other industries that declaring an online casino heyday at a time in history when to do so might have a negative effect and might, sooner rather than later, spell the end of the online casino industry sooner rather than later. Can there even be a heyday for an industry that cannot really be said to be like any other out there, and yet at the same time is as ordinary and capitalistic as they come?

Online casinos are only about ten years old or so. That’s a decade. Countries that are founded sometimes take hundreds of years to reach any point that could begin to be considered as a heyday, but it is the historians who agree on heydays. Not the contemporaries. At least, this is the usual case. Online casino companies are anything but usual in the history of business due to their internet nature, but at the same time they are businesses like any other.

Only in time, when investors look over their casinos or those who now operate online casino sites are retired, will people be justified in saying “such and such online casino was in its heyday” or “online gambling reached its heyday in…”. Do you understand what the point is? Why rush to declare a heyday for online casino gambling when, quite frankly, doing so is basically allowing the expectation that the online casino gambling craze is going to fizz out sooner rather than later. Declaring an industrial heyday for online casino gambling just doesn’t make business sense.

OCA News Editor