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Gauging Time Spent At an Online Casino

How much time do you spend per day, per week, per month or per year online gambling? Do you even keep track of the time you spend at an online casino, or does it seem to just pass you by without you being much aware of it? Time flies when you’re having fun, so goes the saying. But is online casinos gambling totally fun when you’re losing, or simply when you’re playing? More importantly, if you are not keeping track of time spent at an online casino, are you at least keeping track of the money spent? Keeping track of money when visiting an online casino is just as important as keeping track of your time.

In fact, keeping track of your money when gambling online is more important than keeping track of your time, because if you run out of money then it is likely the case that you won’t have any to spend, meaning spending any time at all at an online casino would probably be an exercise in futility. The lesson? You might find it useful to set an alarm of some kind whenever you are playing games at an online casino, whether its purpose be to remind you to take a break and stretch, or take a break and check your gambling financial situation.

So, if you like to gamble online at a casino site, just be sure to keep track of time AND finances. Think about it, because you shouldn’t want to waste time and you shouldn’t want to waste money either, whether you have a lot or a little of it. Online casino gambling should be a hobby, not a profession. You want to be a professional gambler, move to Vegas or take up residence in Monte Carlo. There are entrepreneurs making money on the Internet from online casinos, but then, they are the people running them.

OCA News Editor