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The Spread of the Online Casino Industry

With the spread of online casinos around the globe, is it the case that the online gambling industry will continue to see the sort of growth it has seen in recent years, or will it slow down as online casino companies no longer tread new ground in markets already well-attuned to online casino gambling? Is it fair to speculate on such a thing right now, considering that online casinos are quite young in terms of the time they’ve been around and have been able to be counted as an industry in their own right?

There are already signs that online casino gambling is making a move to create mobile gambling options for those who have third-generation cell phones which can support gambling software. This means that just as online casino gambling comes into maturity, there are already factors moving online casinos to move well beyond the internet into territory which they might not have as much ability to proliferate as they do on the internet. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it could result in online casino companies stretching themselves too thin, trying to be everything for everyone.

China is an emerging market for online casino gambling that, one day censorship laws permitting (in hopefully a democratic China), online casinos could do very well in. While only a small percentage of China’s billion person plus population has access to the internet or wants access to the internet, as they gain affluence and a desire to gamble, they might turn to the internet and its plethora of online casino sites…meaning that there will be in the future, for a while at least, quite a number of places where the online casino industry can yet spread its games.

OCA News Editor