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Why Poker is Online Casino King

In the world of online casino gambling, poker is king. Poker is the game at online casino sites that people, regardless of nationality or language, flock to more than any other. Why is this? What has enabled online poker to so enrapture the world? Why, more than any other game, does poker bring out feelings not just online but amongst all kinds of gamblers that truly marks it as unique and not, as some might deride it, just another card game? Are some mystical forces at work making online poker popular, or is it just a wicked fun game to play and win at?

Well, it just so happens that online poker is an engaging, exciting, wicked fun game to play for those who love it. Poker, even in real life as opposed to online, is a game that people not only love to play but also love to watch. We all like to think that our poker face is one that will get us past the rough spots and, even with a “just okay” hand, win the jackpot. The difference is, and perhaps it is a factor that plays into the enormous success of online poker at online casino sites, when you play the game over the internet there is no need to develop or practice a poker face of any kind.

This, in turn, increases the confidence of online gamblers and is likely a distinct advantage over playing in person for those who get nervous around others when playing games. In the comfort of their own home they feel safe and secure, and more able to make a rational decision while playing a game without the sense of being judged by others. Of course, not all online gamblers are in any way like this, but those that are probably make up a good percentage of online poker’s success – at least in the subconscious of these people.

OCA News Editor