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Macau’s New Online Casino Site

A new online casino site known as Macau Poker Online is expected to attract thousands of new online casino fans curious about the Chinese province’s lucrative gambling industry. Analysts have widely predicted that by 2009, Macau will overtake Las Vegas in both gambling revenue and as a tourist destination. Macau Poker Online is counting on such reports to attract new online casino fans.

The online casino site also offers comprehensive information on a range of gambling activities in Macau. The Chinese province has been billed as “Asia’s first real shot at an East-West destination dedicated to fun.” Several international gambling firms have set up shop in Macau in recent years, with the Sands casino leading the way after its opening in May 2004. Online casino gambling is also becoming more popular, with thousands of Chinese online casino fans frequenting Chinese language websites.

Macau Poker Online intends to become the number one spot for online casino fans interested in the Macau gambling industry. Eric Synstad, a spokesman for the new site, says that information on live gambling for holiday makers visiting Macau will be updated regularly, along with flight and hotel details. For online casino poker fans, the site plans to offer several high profile tournaments as well as a host of new Chinese casino games.

OCA News Editor