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Canada Helps Casino Gambling Addicts

Gambling is legal in Canada and offers a huge boost for the economy in the form of taxes and revenue. However, more than a million Canadians are addicted to gambling. How does the country help its addicts? Unlike the United States, Canada has seen the wisdom in having a regulated casino gambling industry within its borders outside of certain, specific cities and reservations. As a result, millions of people flock to Canada for their gambling habits. The industry, estimated to be worth billions of dollars, helps Canadians find employment and provides great entertainment for Canadians and visitors alike.

However, there is a downside to this successful casino industry. Statistics show that one-and-a-half million Canadians have a casino gambling problem. What does the Canadian government do to help those of its citizens with a casino gambling problem? First of all, the government has not turned its back on these gamblers and there is help available to anybody who needs it. This help is also extended to those family members of casino gambling addicts. Help is offered in many forms, including 24-hour telephone counseling, in-patient treatment programs and self-help, AA-style, meetings.

The government sponsors many of these casino gambling treatments and is willing to show addicts a way out of their destructive lifestyle. Casino gambling addiction can be devastating for the individual and for his or her family. It is estimated that the number of women casino gambling addicts is on the rise and the government is also looking into this problem. The important thing to remember is that Canadian citizens are not alone in their fight against casino gambling addiction.

OCA News Editor