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For and Against Online Casino IPOs

Online casino gambling was never the same once online casinos started going public. Have there been more good things or bad things that have happened since online casino companies started offering IPOs on the London Stock Exchange? The answer is a mixed bag, representing mixed feelings. Some gambling enthusiasts insist that online casino gambling companies should focus on providing games for customers as a source of income, rather than bypassing gamblers and going for stocks and investors as a source of income.

Those who do not really support online casino IPOs do not support it because they feel that if online casino companies focus more on the needs of investors than on the needs of customers, online casino quality will falter and the online gambling craze will be weakened as a result of poor customer service, stagnant creativity as regards online casino websites and games themselves, and many other reasons that can pop up from time to time. In short, since online casino companies were started for online casino customers, investors should have to wait.

But those who support online casino IPOs note that having that extra money courtesy of investors means that online casinos can more safely offer bigger bonuses and promotions, not to mention awesome jackpots that grow as online casinos themselves grow. In any case, the online casino industry is bound to be debating these things for a while, and online casino companies don’t seem to be in the mood for stopping online casino IPOs.

OCA News Editor