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UK Online Casino Ads on TV to be Assessed

It has been reported that UK-based casinos and gambling websites could be allowed to advertise on TV and radio as part of the reformation process being overseen by the UK Gambling Commission. The Advertising Standards Authority and the Gambling Commission were said to be formulating a series of relaxed laws under which online casinos and gambling sites would be allowed more freedom of advertising, and rules would be clearly defined.

The Gambling Act, which is being introduced in September 2007, is a complete overhaul of the land and online casino industry. The entire gambling industry is being regulated and previous gray areas which created ambiguity were being ironed art. Part of the reformation, the advertising stipulations, would be very clearly defined. While on the one hand the laws regarding gambling would be relaxed, it has been reported that they will be very strictly enforced and controlled. There would be more mediums through which to advertise, but the implementation of the laws would be stricter.

The Gambling Act would allow for UK-based online casinos to advertise on TV, but would probably not allow foreign online casinos into the TV advertising market. The Gambling Act would require very high standards of advertising before exposing the industry’s contents to the population. The public’s opinion in this matter will probably also be considered seeing as though it is something that will directly affect them.

OCA News Editor