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European Gambling Briefing Conference to be Held in Brussels

Last year’s European Gambling Briefing Conference proved so successful that organizers are bringing it back again this May. Organizations and institutions from all over Europe will come together to discuss issues of importance related to European gambling laws and trends. The European gambling industry is at a crossroads, with many countries pulling in different directions. While Europe tries to keep its free market policy going, many countries are making internal decisions about gambling that affect the overall European economic ideals.

There is definitely place, then, for a conference to discuss the many complex issues surrounding European gambling. Against this backdrop, the European Gambling Briefing Conference will be held in the Conrad Hotel in Brussels at the end of May/beginning of June, 2006. The European Gambling Briefing conference was held for the first time last year and drew over 150 people who came together to discuss, listen and argue over gambling issues and laws in Europe. Due to last year’s success, the organizers are holding the conference again in May.

The gambling conference is scheduled to have speakers on various topics and from a wide variety of backgrounds. For example, the Swiss Institute will present the findings of the Study of Gambling Services from the European Union’s Market Report. The European Commission will also be represented and its speakers will discuss how it plans to deal with countries that infringe on European marketing laws.The conference also plans to examine in depth several economic and legal gambling case studies in several European countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Gambling cases from the United States will also be examined, to provide a contrast with the European situation. The conference looks to be a huge success.

OCA News Editor