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Gambling Conference Held in Europe

The Bayerischer Hof in Munich was the location for a unique conference dedicated to the topic of gambling regulations in Europe. The conference, entitled “The Case for Gambling Deregulation in Europe,” was held on April 27th and was expected to draw interesting speakers on the topic. Gambling laws and regulations in Europe are extremely complex, given that many countries are in the process of regularizing internet gaming, while others are in the process of legalizing them. This gives way to economic and legal issues, which are interesting to study and discuss.

The conference had on its agenda several hot topics relating to the gambling laws in Europe. It hoped to cover the Italian government’s process of regularization through the establishment of its Financial Legislation of 2006. The conference aimed to study the effect of this form of gambling regularization on the more general free market policy of the European Union. The conference also aimed at discussing the United Kingdom’s gambling direction, which is in contrast to that of Italy’s.

The UK hopes to legalize gambling by 2007 and the conference had speakers covering the tax issues surrounding this decision. The conference also had speakers covering several other issues relating to gambling. These included money laundering, underage and responsible gambling and fraud. With the European market being such a complex one, conferences such as these are extremely welcome.

OCA News Editor