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Verifying Online Casino Odds Veracity

Last fall, online casino odds makers were predicting that Texas could sweep the men’s college basketball and college football championships, even though the football season is yet to finish and the college basketball season has literally just gotten started. This brought to question how much research many of these online casino odds makers do before they offer their odds. Are they just making guesses, basing them on past performance or current stats, or are they really looking at the other teams to judge how Texas will perform against them? It’s actually a little bit of both. Very few odds makers, if any at all, can see into the future. So they have to make informed guesses.

What qualifications does it take to become an online casino odds maker? Well, there isn’t any such thing as an odds makers college. Many of the people who offer the odds on online casino more than likely got their start speculating on odds at land based casinos, from Indian reservation casinos to the big casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere. Can you really trust online casino odds makers? That choice is yours, but the major point in this sentence is that the choice IS yours. You can take the advice of an odds maker, but ultimately you are the one that makes the choice about what team you want to bet on when it comes to both college level and professional sporting events.

It’s natural to want to wring an online casino odds maker’s neck if you place odds on a team they recommended and lost big time, but they’re just the go-between guys or girls. They are trusted by the online casino that employ them enough to not lead bettors wrong, and who after all really wants to visit a site of or bet at an online casino that has a proven record for making people lose vast amounts of monies on odds offered at their casinos that were either way off. Trust is an inherent part of gambling, after all: you give your money to the casinos cashier, expect to be able to wager with what you’ve deposited, and to collect when you want to. So go easy on the odds makers once in a while – the choice is yours to make at online casino, after all. On the teams, and the casinos themselves.

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Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.