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Maltese Online Casino Wins Ban Case

Maltese based online casino, Astrabet, has challenged the Italian ruling against foreign online casino sites in their territory, and has come out a winner. Astrabet, an online casino based in Malta, has taken the Italian government to court in a civil hearing. Following the court case initiated by the online casino, a civil court has re-established the rights of Astrabet to have a service connection in Italy. The court ruled that the Italian government has to re-establish Astrabet’s connection immediately, without any delays.

The attempt to challenge the Italian government came after the officials in Italy had issued a ban on online casino and gaming sites from foreign markets, through Italian ISPs. Several online casino groups have said that they were interested in challenging the Italian decree with came into affect in February. The EU has said that the decree was illegal and that it would take action against Italy. However, it seems that Astrabet did not want to wait around for this to happen.

The court case won by the Maltese online casino sets a very useful precedent for other online casino groups affected by this ban – Astrabet was the first to set such a court case in motion, but will most certainly not be the last. At present, the court’s ruling only applies to Astrabet because they were the only online casino to challenge the hearing, but with so many other online casino groups based in Malta, a possible class-action could be sought by all these online casino groups who will push to re-establish the Italian-Maltese online gambling service connection.

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