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Online Casino Poker TV Comes to Scandinavia

The decision to launch “Poker Night Live” on Scandinavian television is expected to generate thousands of new fans for online casino firm Poker Zone. Over six million homes across Scandinavia will be able to access the online casino show, which has risen to become the most successful poker show in the UK and the U.S. The show is billed to appear on Viasat’s television network every night at 11pm and hopes to capitalize on the Swedish government’s decision to launch its first online casino site for Scandinavian fans.

“Poker Night Live” has steadily grown in popularity since it made its way from the U.S. to the UK. The Scandinavian format will feature a new multi-table tournament which will permit up to 100 online casino fans to play at the same time, while single table tournaments and a range of cash games are designed to keep audiences coming back for more. An estimated 200,000 dedicated online casino fans watch the show each week in the U.S., encouraging the online casino poker firm to develop local versions of the show for the Canadian, European and Scandinavian markets.

Online poker is reaching new heights in Scandinavia. Many large gaming operators now offer online gambling facilities in several Scandinavian languages. The Swedish government has proved to be the most accepting of the online casino industry in recent months. While accepting that prohibition of the industry would be virtually impossible, the government has instead launched Svenka Spel, the country’s first state-funded and owned online casino.

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