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New Gambling Complex for Scotland?

A major property developer is looking to nab a deal in order to set up a super gambling complex in central Glasgow. The property developer hopes to get in before three other would-be gambling and casino operators were able to close on a deal. The gambling and leisure complex would be established in Glasgow’s city center using the site of what is currently the open-air King Street car park and extending into a casino.

The firm divulged some details of the plan which is bidding for the UK’s only regional casino and gambling complex. If Glasgow wins the licensure from 27 competing cities, towns and resorts across the United Kingdom, then Miller Development will be the ones to hopefully build the gambling complex. Miller Development said that the complex would include a huge gambling casino, shops, leisure facilities and hotel services.

The style of the gambling complex was similar to the other three bidding hopefuls for the project. One of the other complexes was planned for the Harbor area, while the other was near the Ibrox. The development company said that it has obtained permission from the city council for a mixed-use project which would offer both gambling services, retail services and hospitality services. The same approval was given to all the developers so no one developer has an advantage over another in that sphere, the city council said.

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