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Indian Card Game Comes to Online Casino

The decision of one popular online casino operator to feature the Indian game of Teen Patti on its new site has been well received by gaming fans. Teen Patti is the most widely played card game in India and can now be played at a new online site appropriately dubbed ‘Teen Patti.’ The online casino site also features popular Texas Hold’em poker and Omaha poker.

Powered by Yatahay software, the Teen Patti online casino site has recently become a member of Yatahay’s True Poker Network. The site is aimed at casino players who enjoy the online casino variety of traditional games, and the site’s management hopes that Teen Patti will enjoy similar levels of success such as those of Chinese games keno and mahjong. It is also hoped that the game of Teen Patti will appeal to fans of online casino poker, who will be able to access the game easily from the same site.

While little is known outside India about Teen Patti, the card game is played by millions in a variety of different languages. Yatahay intends to market the online casino version of the game specifically to countries with a large Indian population and are investigating methods of cross-selling the product on other online casino sites with True Poker Network membership.

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